Hello, my name is Jordan and I'm the solo developer behind Codeaclysm Games, an indie game developer based in Alaska. I've had a passion for gaming and technology since I was a kid. In particular, I've always loved gaming with friends and family. My main goal is to provide a gaming experience that will help family and friends bond while creating some great memories together.

Squarena Details

Squarena is a game focused on good competitive fun. With up to 6 players, battles and challenges can get quite hectic and crazy. With simulated physics, no match is ever exactly the same!

Highlighted Features

Squarena Gameplay Breakdown

Players play as a square physics-based character that they customize with skins and cosmetics in the player select screen. Players then can go to the tutorial arena, or continue and choose between a variety of game modes and arenas.

Every ability and object in the game is physics-enabled, so players, bullets, teleport beacons, shields, etc. will react in real-time via the physics engine.

Clash your bullets and teleports, deflect enemy bullets back at them or make your own platform to jump off of with you shield ability. Pull off advanced maneuvers, trick shots, and fake-outs while using your teleport ability.

Special gameplay rules apply depending on the game mode that you're currently playing. (Continue to the game mode section for details)

Players clashing bullets

A player deflect a couple bullets and then quickly teleporting away

A player using their shield ability as a platform to get an extra jump.

Game Modes

*Players can alter some standard game rules in the options menu*

*Squarena is currently available on Steam - other platforms in progress*

Standard Game mode: (1-6 players on Steam/Xbox) (1-4 Players on PS/Switch)

(Encompasses several arenas)

Players have three main abilities: Shoot, Teleport, and Energy Shields. This along with standard movement and jumping are their arsenal to use to defeat the other players. Each time a player takes damage, their character gets smaller. Being smaller has pros and cons, such as being able to fit into tighter sections of levels or the con of being affected more by recoil when you are smaller. Eventually after taking enough damage and becoming small enough, the player explodes and loses a life. 

Zero Gravity mode: (1-6 players on Steam/Xbox) (1-4 Players on PS/Switch)

Standard Game mode rules, but with no gravity. This is a special arena with no bounds, so the bullets loop endlessly until they hit something.

Sport modes: (1-6 players on Steam/Xbox) (1-4 Players on PS/Switch)

Players still have their three main abilities, but the difference here is that they cannot damage each other directly. Rather, there is a ball that they need to use to score a goal. Whoever contacts the ball will make the ball turn to their color. This can be by touching the ball directly, or via your bullets or shield abilities. When a player scores a goal, every player that is a different color than them will lose a life.

Obstacle Course/Race modes: (1-6 players on Steam/Xbox) (1-4 Players on PS/Switch)

In this game mode, players only make use of the move and jump functions, or can use the 'shoot' button to return to their last checkpoint. It is an obstacle course race to the finish competing for the best time. Whoever finishes first will finish the match and win.

CRUMBLE mode: (1-6 players on Steam/Xbox) (1-4 Players on PS/Switch)

Crossover mode with BRUTE FORCE, developer of CRUMBLE.

This mode has standard game rules on a whole new CRUMBLE-themed map with stacks of loose physics objects, with the added risk of a fog at the bottom of the map, which if you drop into will cause you to lose a life.

Target Practice mode: (1 player)

This mode is single-player only, and is used to help the player get used to hitting targets and avoiding hazardous objects.

Square UP! mode: (1 player)

This singleplayer mode is on a massive map, where the goal is to reach the top and destroy the ancient relic as fast as possible. This is a difficult platforming mode akin to "Only Up!" or "Getting Over It" with no checkpoints. If you fall...hope that you don't fall too far.

*Currently out on Steam. PlayStation released planned for 2024, other platforms pending.


Contact dev@codeaclysmgames.com to get more information, or reach out on one of my social pages.